If You Had One of these Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), You’re Perfectly Suited for Cyber Security!

In honor of Veterans Day we here at Cyberkraft are providing several bonus services for Veterans. First, would like to take a moment to thank all Veterans for their service. Our founder, Dennis Kraft, is a U.S. Army Veteran, so we know that military service entails a tremendous amount of sacrifice for Veterans and their families. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge that and thank those who have served. The sacrifices made by Veterans, the mental stresses of service, and the discipline of these warriors should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Many Veterans have the skills and experience needed to excel as cyber security professionals, but they don’t realize it. To help Veterans realize their potential, we have created a quick reference guide that shows which MOS provide cyber security experience. If you served in one of the MOS listed below, then you have what it takes to excel in cyber security.

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MOS Quick Reference Guide

If you served in one of these MOS, then you have what it takes to excel in cyber security.


MOSJob Title
25USignal Support Systems Specialist
25NNodal Network Systems Operator-Maintainer
25BInformation Technology Specialist
25EElectro-Magnetic Spectrum Manager
25PMicrowave Systems Operator-Maintainer
25SSatellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer
25QMultichannel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer
25CRadio Operator-Maintainer
25LCable Systems Installer-Maintainer
17CCyber Operations Specialist
15PAviation Operations Specialist
14JAir Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer
35NSignals Intelligence Analyst
35DAll Source Intelligence Analyst
35QCryptologic Network Warfare Specialist
35TMilitary Intelligence (MI) Systems Maintainer/Integrator
35LCounterintelligence Agent
35GGeospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst
35SSignals Collector/Analyst
35FIntelligence Analyst


MOSJob Title
MCE-0689Information Assurance Technician
MCE-2862Electronics Maintenance Technician
MCE-5974Tactical Data Systems Technician
MCE-2823Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Manager
MCE-2171Electro-Optical Ordnance Repairer
MCE-2874Metrology Technician


MOSJob Title
NER-CTR-005Communications Intelligence Collection Operator
NER-CTT-005Cryptologic Technician, Technical
NER-IT-003Information Systems Technician
NWO-742X-004Information Professional Officer
NWO-744X-004Information Warfare Officer
NWO-745X-004Intelligence Technician
LDO-646X-004Meteorology / Oceanography
NER-AO-004Aviation Electronics Technician (AT)
NER-AS-005Aviation Electronics Technician (AT)
NER-AZ-004Aviation Maintenance Administrationman
NER-CTA-005Cryptologic Technician, Administrative
NER-CTI-005Cryptologic Technician, Interpretive
NER-CTM-005Cryptologic Technician, Maintenance
NER-CTN-002Cryptologic Technician Networks
NER-ETR-002Electronics Technician, (Communications)
LDO-642X-004Information Professional Officer
NER-IS-004Intelligence Specialist
NER-PS-001Personnel Specialist
MCE-0241-001Imagery Analysis Specialist
NER-AME-004Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS)

Air Force

MOSJob Title
AFSC-3D1X1Cyber Surety
AFSC-3D0X4Computer Systems Programming
AFSC-3D0X2Cyber Systems Operations
AFSC-3D1X2Cyber Transport Systems
AFSC-1B4X1Cyberspace System Operations
AFSC-1N0X1Operations Intelligence
AFSC-4A2X1Biomedical Equipment
AFSC-1N4X1Fusion Analyst

Coast Guard

MOSJob Title
CGR-ISM-001Information Systems Management
CGR-IT-002Information Systems Technician
CGW-ISM-001Information Systems Management
CGW-OSS-001Operations Systems
CGR-MST-003Marine Science Technician
CGR-OS-002Operations Specialist
CGR-IS-002Intelligence Specialist

If you have served in one of these MOS, then the cyber security field is perfect for you. The CompTIA Security+ certification is the perfect certification to transition your military skills to a civilian career where you will earn an average salary of $85,000. Click here to enroll in the Cyberkraft Security+ Course to earn your certification in one week with a full money back guarantee.

Recruiter Support

Cyberkraft has partnered with Apex Systems to provide our Veterans with job placements after they complete any Cyberkraft course. As an added benefit to our Veterans, we can pair you with an Apex recruiter upon course completion to place you in a cyber security job. We are offering this benefit to all of our Veterans free of charge.

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