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Sitting down for your official exam is not the time to wonder if you should have put in more study hours, made more flashcards, or read the book just a little bit closer. 

That’s why you should be 100% ready-to-go when test day rolls around. 

Go into your next certification exam feeling calm, cool and confident.  You’ll know you’ve done everything possible to prepare your skills for the trial ahead.

We help Cyber Security Professionals prepare for a variety of certification exams.

Our in-depth training courses combine video modules, review sessions, and practice exams to give you all you need to feel confident in your knowledge of the material.

It’s the perfect way for busy professionals to receive structured training that will walk you through important concepts so you can be prepared for an expensive exam.

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This month, we are featuring the CompTIA Security + Bootcamp.

After you pass your Security + exam, you’ll be well on your way to a career with an average yearly salary of $85,000  within one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

People will rely on your knowledge and expertise to solve real-world problems every day.  Best of all, you’ll have the chance to apply your love of computers and all things tech to your daily work.

And instead of worrying about an uncertain future, you’ll be part of an in-demand industry.  In fact, the global cyber security market is predicted to grow from $173B to an astounding $270B in the next six years alone. 

This trend is being fueled by more and more companies moving their businesses online and to the cloud. Security+ is the most widely accepted gateway certification for the cyber security industry.

The CompTIA Security+ Bootcamp Includes:

40 hours of live classes with our CompTIA trained and certified instructors

Bonus access to 32 hours of HD video lessons, 1,000 pages of PDF study guides, and downloadable study materials

12 practice quizzes (240 total questions) and 5 simulation exams to fully prepare you for test day

Access to the Official CompTIA Learn+Labs Environment with custom built lab lessons that give you hands on experience with the hottest industry tools.

Second Shot Guarantee - We will pay for your second exam attempt if you don't pass on the first try

Discounted exam voucher and exam scheduling assistance to ensure that you pass your test on the first try

Even More Benefits of the Cyberkraft Training Community

Custom Tutoring Sessions and One-on-One Support for Every Student

Outside of live instruction, we will hold regular study sessions to reinforce the material.  These small group study sessions are conducted through video teleconference.  You will be in control of what topics need extra clarification so you can gain a clear understanding of the material.

We also work hard to provide individual support for every student in our program.  This means you can ask questions directly to the instructor and receive one-on-one feedback live.

You are Guaranteed to Pass the Exam on the First Attempt!

As you know, signing up for Cyber Security certification exams are expensive.  That’s why it’s well worth your time to make sure you learn the material inside and out before you attempt to take the test.

We want our students to feel confident signing up for our course – knowing we are willing to stand behind our products and behind the students we train.

We guarantee that you will pass on the first attempt.  In fact, we include your exam voucher in the price of the bootcamp!  If you don’t pass on the first try, we’ll pay for your second attempt too!


Dennis Kraft

Dennis Kraft has 12 years experience in security operations and security training.  During his professional career, he has run training programs for the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Homeland Security, and several private companies. 

Mr. Kraft holds multiple security certifications including the CISSP, CCSP, and CEH. He has won several awards citing outstanding achievement for his training programs. 

His detail oriented and engaging teaching style is perfectly suited for cyber security professionals.   Learn complex concepts and prepare for challenging certification exams with Cyberkraft’s courses today!

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