Generator Weatherization

STAR Park Training Facility 3055 Hunter Rd, San Marcos, TX

This course was developed in response to the extreme weather events experienced in Texas in early 2021.  Students will learn how to prepare and protect generator equipment from each type of weather event.  Historical data will be used to demonstrate potential risks.  Students will then develop actionable plans to prepare for and manage those risks.
This 2-day course will cover important concepts in generator weatherization. It will be presented in person with live demonstrations and lab exercises.

CompTIA CySa+ Masterclass Certification Course – SOC Advanced Training


The CySa+ Bootcamp will fully train SOC analysts in SOC operations, threat hunting, communication, and risk management.  This bootcamp will prepare students for the CompTIA CySa+ certification test, the world’s premiere SOC analyst certification.

This bootcamp includes five full days of instruction, practice quizzes, and exam preparation.  Students will earn their CySa+ certification at the end of the bootcamp.

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