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Does Your Team Have the Training They Need to Face the Next Threat?

Equip your personnel with the technical skills and knowledge they need to make quick decisions when it matters most.


Cybersecurity Threats Can Impact Your Company's Long-Term Success

The Time to Act is Now

Cybersecurity threats pose a major risk to your organization now more than ever before.  That’s why it’s a smart idea to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need now – before disaster strikes.

Our special training series was designed in cooperation with the CIEDAR consortium and Texas State University. It offers a wide range of professional programs to help your employees manage the challenges of our modern age.  Courses are offered both remotely and in-person at the STAR Park Training Facility in San Marcos, TX.

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Security Operations Center (SOC) Best Practices: The SOC Best Practices Course teaches students the essential skills to perform in a modern SOC environment.  Students will learn incident response, threat modeling, reporting procedures, and automation techniques. 
This course incorporates revolutionary practical exercises in a custom-built lab environment.  Students will respond to the latest threats in real-time.  Each participant will be provided with a valuable cybersecurity toolkit that can be used to boost productivity at their current role.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Advanced Course: The SOC Advanced Course will fully train analysts in SOC operations, threat hunting, incident response, communication, and risk management.  Prevent ransomware, data breaches, and denial of service attacks by training your team on the industry’s latest tools and security techniques.

This course will prepare students for the CompTIA CySa+ certification test, the world’s premiere SOC analyst certification. It includes five full days of instruction, practice quizzes, simulation tests, and exam preparation.  Students will earn their CySa+ certification at the end of the bootcamp.  By earning their CySa+, your team will gain the confidence to defeat any internal or external threat.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response: The Digital Forensics & Incident Response course provides industry knowledge and procedures used to develop your organization’s Disaster Recover Procedures. In addition to providing Business Continuity steps, we dive into the understanding and planning of incident response procedures, computer forensics, information security terminology, and the establishment of a customized DFIR lab.  

Network Operations Center (NOC) Best Practices: Students will get hands-on experience deploying and implementing a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.  Students will earn how to aggregate log files and analyze these events to identify malicious activity.  Participants will understand the various SIEM components, capabilities, and deployment considerations to reduce organizational risk.

Cyber Security Awareness: In the post-pandemic environment, cyber mischief is at an all-time high. Learn how to combat the non-traditional issues in the current work and home-based environments. 

Generator Weatherization: Train your team to properly protect Transmission Stations, Substations, and Primary Control Centers from inclement weather.  This class will teach hands-on techniques to protect assets from extreme temperatures, storms, and water damage.

The unexpected cold front in Texas in February 2021 left many organizations unprepared and caused millions of dollars in damage to electrical equipment.  Proper training will prepare your team to make cost effective solutions to address the risk of weather disruptions. 

GDPR Operational and Audit Readiness: The General Data Protection Regulation is regarded as the world’s premiere privacy standard and has quickly been adopted across the globe.  Organizations who wish to do business within the European Union (EU) or with EU citizens must comply with GDPR regulations. 

This course will train your team how to implement GDPR standards for your website, database, and applications.  Avoid costly consultations by training your internal team on simple but effective GDPR privacy techniques.  By complying with GDPR regulations, your clients can trust that your organization takes data privacy seriously.

Physical Security: Learn how to become fully compliant with CIP 014-2 Physical Security Standards.  Students will participate in innovative hands-on exercises to bring their organization to full compliance with CIP standards.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Learn how to mitigate cybersecurity risks to the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) by implementing security controls for supply chain risk management of BES Cyber Systems.  Become fully compliant with CIP 013-1.

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