Types of Malware

CompTIA Security+ Study Session 18 November 2020

Malware is malicious software that executes unwanted actions. Depending on the hacker’s goal, malware can perform many different functions.

Some malware, known as adware or spamware, is designed to display advertisements to the target. These advertisements often take the form of popups. These popups are often new browser windows directed to an advertisement site but they can also take the form of operating system notifications.

Some malware is designed to steal user information. This malware can scan a target device for sensitive information, like phone numbers, addresses, or social security numbers. Once this information is identified, it is sent over the internet to the hacker who created the malware.

Keyloggers will record user keystrokes in the hopes of recording credentials, like usernames and passwords.

Ransomware will encrypt the files on a target device and then display a message to the user. The message is like a ransom note which demands payment in exchange for the decryption of the files.

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